بهترین دستکول، دیزاین مود روز، جنسیت اصلی، بالاترین کیفیت، وزن کم، راحت، با داشتن ګنجایش بالا - (Model: )

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This handbag Is Known For Extremely Chic And Fashionable. This Bag Is Made From High Quality Artificial Leather, Inner Material Made From Fabric. This Bag Is Specially Designed For Fashionable Women. You Can Show It Off With Your Casual,Formal,Official Or College Attires To Grab Compliments From Everyone Around. The Handbag Comes With Two Durable Handles To Carry It On The Shoulders Conveniently And Is Compact To Store Your Important Things With Ease. This Bag Is Light Weight And Durable As Well.

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